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Mokoley Tour Terms & Condition

Travel conditions

① the tour price and content, and may be subject to change due to circumstances.
② transportation expenses of explicit other than drink, meals and other personal expenses during the Hanaredan later in the tour will be borne by the customer.
③ because there is no insurance in the fishing, we recommend to subscribe in advance the corresponding overseas travel insurance.
(In the case of an accident in the car in movement, insurance of comparable local There is)
④ fish might not catch.

Payment cancellation of the travel price

① booking confirmation at the time must have 30% of the deposit. ② you pay in case card or cash pay at our (Thai Baht). In the case of: (weekdays month pm through Saturday 10 am to 19) on the day of payment Please pass on our guide in cash. ③ If you apply from abroad we will contact the transfer destination. ④ If a cancellation fee of the following If you cancel a customer's convenience in the sign-up tour has passed you will occur ※ tour the day (24 hours): Tour fee 50% ※ tour date up to 3 days (72 hours) If only: tour fee 30%
procedure charges incurred in ⑤ cancellation will be borne by the customer.
⑥ booking confirmation after the issue is deemed to have been reserved.
⑦ If by your circumstances to the above in the period after booking of the change of tour dates, you might not be able to change by our reservation status. In that case the cancellation fee will occur.

Our Disclaimer

The reasons, such as the customer is illustrated below, the Company is not responsible Niokimashite If you have incurred damages.
① natural disaster, war, riot or change or cancel travel dates that occur for these,.
※ If the guide is found to be not out ship the day before to contact the shipping company, we will contact you the day before. At this time you will be charged 15% of the commission. This amount is available when you are shopping in RainCheck or Mokoley store, in the case of if you participate in the next time our tour.
If given the task up to the dock in your judgment, you will be charged 30% of the commission. If the procedure goes so far because the ship of CancelCharge + Kurumadai + guide fee it takes. If you carry out the tour on board with your decision, 100% of the tour price, even if such come back in an hour you will be charged.
② injury or accident other than in the car movement.
③ food poisoning
④ shortening of the change-destination stay time of tour dates that occur, such as by these delay-interrupted schedule change, the route change of the transportation period.
⑤ lost luggage by your carelessness, stolen or left behind, and the like.
If the ⑥ fish was not caught


Customer Responsibilities

Customers of intentional, negligence, laws and regulations, public order and morals contrary to act, or if the customer has received our damage by not abide by our travel provisions, we will customer to compensation be charged.

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