Boat Charter: Mokoley 005

Boarding at Bangsaray

Yamaha FG39 (39 ft) 300 PS
Boat cabin, lower deck room, electric marine toilet, cabin bench, spanker, sun shade roof, outer bench, rod stands, fish lights, marine cooler box x 2,  fresh water faucet, microwave oven, hot water pot, kitchen utilities, sleeping mattress

Charter Prices

All 7 days same price, no weekday, weekend difference.

Course A

One-way distance less than 30 km fishing points: 12,000 THB

Example: 1 choice of Koh Khram or Koh Lin or artificial coral area near Koh Lin. Course A: If book after May 31, 2022 price will be 13,000. 


Course B

One-way distance less than 50 km fishing points: 14,000 THB

Example: 1 choice of Koh Samaesan area or Koh Phai area. Course B: If book after May 31, 2022 price will be 15,000. 


Course C

One-way distance less than 80 km fishing points: 18,000 THB

Example: Klang Ao area


Course D

One-way distance more than 80 km fishing points: 20,000 THB

Example: Exose area

Half day charter (About 5 hours of fishing time): 8,000 THB

After 5pm night squid fishing (About 5 hours, short distance only): 5,500 THB

Rental tackle

500 THB/set for bait fishing

1,000 THB/set for light jigging or light casting


Bait preparation

Bait squid 300THB/kg.

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  • Do you need rental tackle or bait squid?


For overnight fishing trip, please contact us for quotation.